Is the winter we remember gone forever?

Is the winter we remember gone forever? [transl.: Er vinteren slik vi husker den tapt for alltid?]Wednesday February 15th from 17:00 – 19:00 at Domus Bibliotheca, Þóra Pétursdóttir, with other professors, will be a panelist discussing the importance of snow as an identity marker.

Black and white photo of three children wearing skis in the snow.
Fotograf: Anders Beer Wilse, 1938 / Eier: Norsk Folkemuseum (photo accesed from:

What happens when the snow, that in previous years has covered the Marka in Oslo, suddenly does not appear? Snow has become a widespread topic of cultural and political meaning, a scarce resource, an existential loss, and a research subject appearing in a growing collection of literary essays.

At Domus Bibliotheca, Professor of Environmental history Sverker Sörlin will introduce the topic followed by a panel of:

This evening is a way to spur reflection of what the loss of snow could signify for the feeling of identity and belonging.

The event is free, however they do appreciate if you sign up in advance. More information and the sign-up sheet may be found here

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