Contemporary Philosophy for Maritime Archaeology

A new book has recently been published called “Contemporary Philosophy for Maritime Archaeology – Flat Ontologies, Oceanic Thought, and the Anthropocene” edited by Sara A. Rich & Peter B. Campbell. The essays in the book emphasize how environmental changes, from global warming to global pandemics, call for transdisciplinary cooperation, and for thinking together beyond theContinue reading “Contemporary Philosophy for Maritime Archaeology”

Is the winter we remember gone forever?

Is the winter we remember gone forever? [transl.: Er vinteren slik vi husker den tapt for alltid?]Wednesday February 15th from 17:00 – 19:00 at Domus Bibliotheca, Þóra Pétursdóttir, with other professors, will be a panelist discussing the importance of snow as an identity marker. What happens when the snow, that in previous years has coveredContinue reading “Is the winter we remember gone forever?”

First webinar of the year

A huge thank you to Lise Loktu for starting this year’s webinar series with her presentation titled: “Research potentials connected to Svalbard cultural heritage management”. She is a senior advisor at the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU) in Tromsø, specialising in northern regions. She has previously worked as a senior advisor at theContinue reading “First webinar of the year”

Recap of TAG 2022

On December 15th the Relics of Nature team hosted a session at Edinburgh TAG titled “More-than” approaches in heritagescapes of the Anthropocene: The environmental ethics of heritage“. Due to the ongoing rail strikes across the UK, we held a hybrid session with several presenters joining us on zoom. We covered a wide range of interestingContinue reading “Recap of TAG 2022”

Reflections from Iceland

In September, four of our Relics of Nature members went to Iceland to conduct archaeological fieldwork and surveys. Here are some of their reflections and photos from that trip. (…) these lands provided the right ground to gather thoughts, discuss methods, and the many and exciting possible ways forward The whole idea of the RelicsContinue reading “Reflections from Iceland”

Call for papers for UK TAG 2022!

The Relics of Nature team will be organising the session “More-than” approaches in heritagescapes of the Anthropocene: The environmental ethics of heritage at this year’s UK TAG in Edinburgh 15.-17. December. We, along with 32 other fantastic sessions, are now accepting papers. Our session abstract and further information can be found here! Make sure toContinue reading “Call for papers for UK TAG 2022!”